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I have the following fact table:

response_history_id     client_id       question_id     answer
1                       1               2               24
2                       1               2               27
3                       1               3               12
4                       1               2               43
5                       2               2               39

It holds history of client answers to some questions. The largest response_history_id for each client_id,question_id combination is the latest answer for that question and client.

What I want to do is to count the number of clients whose latest answer falls within a specific range

I have some dimensions:

question                associated with question_id  
client                  associated with client_id  
response_history_id     associated with response_history_id  
range                   associated with answer. 0-20 low, 20-40 = medium, >40 is high  

and some measures:

max_history_id as max(response_history_id)
clients_count  as disticnt count(client_id)

Now, I want to group only the latest answers by range:

[ranges].members on 0,
{[Measures].[clients_count]} on 1
from (select [question].[All].[2] on 1 from [Cube])

What I get is:

Measures                All     low     medium  high
clients_count           2       0       2       1

But what I wanted (and I can't get) is the calculation based on the latest answer:

Measures                All     low     medium  high
clients_count           2       0       1       1

I understand why my query doesn't give me the desired result, it's more for demonstration purpose. But I have tried a lot of more complex MDX queries and still couldn't get any good result.

Also, I can't generate a static view from my fact table because later on I would like to limit the search by another column in fact table which is timestamp, my queries must eventually be able to get _the number of clients whose latest answer to a question before a given timestamp falls within a specific range.

Can anyone help me with this please? I can define other dimensions and measures and I am using iccube.

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FYI : as this question has been cross-posted here, I've posted an answer over there.

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That link doesn't work anymore. –  StevenWhite Mar 20 '14 at 21:02

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