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Need help keeping a session after logging into forum. I'm using TIdHttp and have a cookie manager assigned already

  Http.Get(Url); //..Used to get session Id that is then stored in FSessionID

  Param := TStringList.Create;
  Http.Post(Url,Param); //..The was Login succesfull. Made sure by checking responce
  Http.Get(Url); //..Now its not logged in. Why????
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Which version of indy are you using? – jachguate Dec 18 '10 at 14:59

Make sure the SessionID cookie is not being rejected by TIdCookieManager when it arrives. Indy's cookie support is currently broken, causing valid cookies to sometimes be ignored instead of stored.

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It appears in your Post that you are providing the session as a parameter...which would make me assume that you would need to provide the session as a parameter in your Get as well. (The cookie doesn't appear to be used.)

Perhaps you include the session as part of the URL, as in:

Http.Get(URL + '?s=' + fSessionID)
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