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Hi I have a function that makes ajax calls once an element is clicked. I use this code:

function ajax_call(offset, length) {
$.ajax({method: "get", 
    url: "file.php",
    data: "offset="+ offset,

    success: function(returnedData)

$("#profile").click(ajax_call(0, 1000));


The issue is with this line:

$("#profile").click(ajax_call(0, 1000));

When I pass arguments to ajax_call function, the function is run once the page loads without any user intervention, however when I remove the arguments like this: $("#profile").click(ajax_call); the function is called only when the element is clicked. I have researched for hours about this issue but with no luck

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This will call the function immediately ajax_call(0, 1000) and pass the return value as event handler.

You have to wrap it in an anonymous function:

$("#profile").click(function() {
    ajax_call(0, 1000);

Whenever you have functionname() you are actually calling the function. functionname instead (without parenthesis) gives you a reference to the function. As you cannot just pass ajax_call to click, you have to wrap it in another function.

So the anonymous function function(){...} is passed as event handler and when it gets called, it executes ajax_call(0, 1000).

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Thank you very much for the solution and the explanation. – khr2003 Dec 18 '10 at 11:51

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