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I am developing a web app that involves touchEvent. It will be much more easier to debug those if I can view the console remotely on my Mac.

Can I make my Mobile Safari on the iOS device store the console log somewhere in the system. I have already jailbreak my iPad.


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One File Remote Console.log for node.js

Solution: Server side console log.

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Just turn on the debugging console in Mobile Safari. This is enabled in Settings/Safari/Developer.

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He mentions having a jailbreak so can't have iOS6. Anyway I recommend installing it and using Remote Web Inspector too. –  Miszy Jan 14 '13 at 8:54

You can use a remote javascript console. There a few available.

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Spotneedle is no longer available... –  franzlorenzon Jul 10 '13 at 12:36
  1. plug iphone into computer
  2. settings > safari > advanced > web inspector (turn on)
  3. open safari on your computer
  4. run your web app on your iphone in the safari browser
  5. on your computer in safari, go to develop > inspectable applications, your running app should be in there.

doing these steps enables the safari debug tools on your desktop to reflect and respond to the connected iphone.

hope that helps.

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In iOS6, you can now use the Remote Web Inspector on OSX to connector to the iPhone via USB. See the Apple documentation for more information.

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