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I've been trying to make a function that goes through a directory and lists all the files in the directory and any sub-directories:

void get_listing (string dir) {
    try {
        var directory = File.new_for_path (dir);

        var enumerator = directory.enumerate_children (FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_NAME, 0);

        FileInfo file_info;
        while ((file_info = enumerator.next_file ()) != null) {
            if (file_info.get_file_type() == FileType.DIRECTORY) {
            } else {
                stdout.printf ("%s\n", file_info.get_name ());

    } catch (Error e) {
        stderr.printf ("Error: %s\n", e.message);
int main (string[] args) {

    return 0;

When I run this code none of the files in any sub-directories are outputted. All the files/directories types are "G_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN". Does anyone know how to fix this or another method I could use.

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You are enumerating files by name only; if you wish to access file type later, you should pass appropriate hint to enumerator:

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