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Im using the following script:


Its perfect because its compatible with so many browser versions. However Im having problems getting the images to cycle automatically.

I've set the following:

$(window).load(function() {

However I cannot get the images to cycle automatically? Can anyone see why that might be?

Ive set it all up here: http://dan.ms/index2.php

Would some one take a look?

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This Choco-Slider plug-in doesn't seem to work very well. For example, the slider on the plug-in's homepage doesn't cycle automatically either, even though it's initialized with $('#slider').chocoslider(); and according to its source code, auto defaults to true.

In fact, auto seems to do the exact opposite of what it sounds like. As a test, I modified the plug-in-homepage's script to be $('#slider').chocoslider({ auto: false });, and lo and behold, it started cycling automatically.

So If I were you I'd

  1. Set auto to false.
  2. Set a higher sliderDelay than 10, since it's in milliseconds. (Your pasted snippet has 6000, but the page you linked to has sliderDelay:10.)
  3. Find a better plug-in.
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Just checked out. You beat me for a matter of seconds :) –  Minkiele Dec 18 '10 at 17:59

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