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I'm getting the following error in my liquid view

Liquid error: No such template 'sliders/slider' #<Liquid::LocalFileSystem:0x99319b8>

here is my code and the file structure

in my liquid code (which saves in the data bas) has the following code

{% include 'sliders/slider' %} 

and in my view where I render the liquid content is as follows

Liquid::Template.file_system = Liquid::LocalFileSystem.new("sliders/slider")
@template = Liquid::Template.parse(<page code>) %>
<%= raw @template.render(<variables>)  %>

<%= Liquid::LocalFileSystem.new("sliders/slider") %>

and in app/views/sliders/ i have a file called '_slider.erb'

But if i do a <%= render :partial => "sliders/slider" %> it shows the file

Am I missing something here. I'm using rails3 with liquid 2.2.2 and on linux

pls help



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I think your partial filename should be: _slider.liquid for it to work properly.

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