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What is the best library/software to compress the dynamically generated javascript on server? I use javascriptzip to do so statically. Any solution for .Net platform? thank you.

P.S. compression involves removing unnecessary spaces + language compression like changing new Object() into { }

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I think you mean minification, not compression. – cdhowie Dec 18 '10 at 17:52
point taken. edited – mihsathe Dec 18 '10 at 17:54
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The .NET version of Dean Edward's packer should do what you need.

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It's not correct for any compression/minification tool to change new Object() to it's literal notation {}.

First, because Object Literals don't provide a scope resolution unlike the Object constructor, and because it's possible that you have created a local constructor with the same name, the interpreter needs to look up the scope chain from the place you are calling Object() all the way up until it finds the global Object constructor.

Second, because the Object() constructor accepts a parameter and, depending on the parameter, it may decide to delegate the object creation to another built-in constructor and return a different object than you expect.

I highly suggest you to use only literal notations, and avoid compression algorithms. Therefore i suggest you the YUI minifcation or Google Closure

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