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Freebase contains a fair amount of documentation but lacks some specific examples of working code for many scenarios.

One of them is how to implement (in Python, using the Python Freebase library) a query using their eMQL service. Which is an extended version of their MQL service. The documentation states that you need to "set the envelope parameter to extended=true", but I cannot figure out how to actually do that (get the syntax right).

Here is the doc on the service I am trying to use:

Here is an example of the code I am trying to get working using the extended service:

query = {
    "extended": True,
    "query": [{
        "id": "/en/settlers_of_catan",
        "/common/topic/weblink": [{
            "description": "Wikipedia",
            "url": None

result = freebase.sandbox.mqlread(query)

This fails, with the error, "Type /type/object does not have property extended". Which I believe is telling me I am not actually setting the extended property and am trying to do it in the wrong place.

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Removed tag google-app-engine. I presume you put it there because your app is running on App Engine - but it has no relevance to the actual question. – Nick Johnson Dec 19 '10 at 23:19
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And the answer is simple - pass the envelope setting (in this case 'extended=true' to the mqlread function.

result = freebase.sandbox.mqlread(query, extended=True)

Of course note the capitalization of T in True.

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