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I have a common structure of JSON data that come back from server, it contains some additional info about errors etc. How can I handle this data(check error info) and then pass only required data to grid.

This is JSON data structure:

  "errorinfo": "foo", 
  "errormsg": "foo", 
  "errorCode": "foo"
  "**jqgridData**": [
      "total": "xxx", 
      "page": "yyy", 
      "records": "zzz",
      "rows" : [
        {"id" :"1", "cell" :["cell11", "cell12", "cell13"]},
        {"id" :"2", "cell":["cell21", "cell22", "cell23"]},

So I wand to process this JSON data and pass to grid only "jqgridData"

Thanks for help.

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First of all the JSON data has one small error. The string

{ "errorinfo": "foo", "errormsg": "foo", "errorCode": "foo" "jqgridData": [ { 

must be changed to

{ "errorinfo": "foo", "errormsg": "foo", "errorCode": "foo", "jqgridData": [ { 

(comma between "errorCode": "foo" and "jqgridData" must be inserted). I hope the problem come during posting of the data in the question text only.

To your main question. The jsonReader allows you to read you practically any data. You data should be read with the following jsonReader:

jsonReader: {
    root: "jqgridData.0.rows",
    page: "",
    total: "",
    records: "jqgridData.0.records"

(where '0' element is needed as the index because of jqgridData is additionally an array).

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Thank you! I didn't know that we can use different levels of array in jsonReader. It is very useful! – NikeL Dec 19 '10 at 9:32

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