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i have the following code in an view:

<input checked="checked" id="outputFilter" name="outputFilter" value="Detail" type="radio"> Detail Info
<input id="outputFilter" name="outputFilter" value="Summary" type="radio"> Summary Info

<input checked="checked" id="outputSorting" name="outputSorting" value="Milestone" type="radio"> Milestone
<input id="outputSorting" name="outputSorting" value="AppRank" type="radio">App --&gt; Rank

and i have this javascript code:

 var sortValue = $("input[@name='outputSorting']:checked").val();
 var dataValue = $("input[@name='outputFilter']:checked").val();

the issue is that i get the value "Detail" for BOTH sortValue and dataValue

can anyone see anything wrong with this code that would lead this to be the case??

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Remove the @ sign. That has been deprecated long ago for attributes.

var sortValue = $("input[name='outputSorting']:checked").val();
var dataValue = $("input[name='outputFilter']:checked").val();

Also, close your input tags to make the HTML valid.

<input ... value="Detail" type="radio" /> Detail Info
<input id="outputFilter" ... type="radio" /> Summary Info
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Try removing the '@' symbol. Hope this helps.


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Also, IDs have to be unique. Use classes instead

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