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I am wondering how to compile a WPF application into an independent shared class library(dll)? Any sample?

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A library is not an application, so we can't convert a WPF application to a dll and expect to be able to run it independently.

One workaround might be to change the projects output type to "Class Library", then create a new WPF application which hooks into the dll.

To make the new application hook into the dll, first add a reference to the dll, then edit App.xaml and change StartupUri to a pack Uri pointing to the dll.

<Application x:Class="WpfApplication13.App"

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I'm using this (as a WPF application with only an App.xaml and a class library with only the App.xaml.cs). It runs, but the App class in the class library doesn't have its OnStartup(), OnExit() or other overridables called. – Cygon Jun 12 '11 at 20:19
  1. Solution Explorer -> Right Click on "MySolution" -> Add -> New Project -> WPF User Control Library
    Add your controls there and use from any other application.

  2. Convert your current project to dll: Solution Explorer -> MyWpfApplication -> Right Click -> Properties -> Application Tab -> Output Type = Class Library

  3. Or you can add references from other Applications to your existing project even if it's exe. (Controls are still available)

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