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What I want to be able to do is following:


So that the response to my producer is taken from the consumption of another endpoint, an example would be something like a REST endpoint for a queue.

Is there an idiomatic way in Camel to be able to do something like the above without grabbing an Endpoint from a CamelContext instance and manually retrieving the contents and setting them into the Exchange?

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Can you explain a bit more?

You dont want to just do

from A to B

from B to C

So that a message send to A will be send to B. And B is processed in another route, and the response from this will be send back to the first route, which will be used as reply to any client invoking A in the first place.

Also if you want something with dynamic endpoints, then you can use the Recipient List EIP pattern

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In the example above the request body is irrelevant as the thing of interest is the reply. Where I mentioned the REST interface to a queue example it would be a web endpoint that when hit with a browser would consume the result from the queue endpoint and then return that to the browser. – Sean Parsons Dec 19 '10 at 11:20
Ah you may want to look at the Content Enricher EIP pattern. Camel has pollEnrich you can use to consume from a queue and "merge" the data – Claus Ibsen Dec 20 '10 at 7:22
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