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Is a list of rows and columns with very mixed data types better implemented with tables or DIVs? For example, these two pages are similar. Ebay uses tables and Etsy uses DIVs:

http://antiques.shop.ebay.com/Sterling-Silver-925-/2213/i.html http://www.etsy.com/category/books_and_zines?view_type=list

Which approach is "better"?

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IMHO, if it's "data" being displayed (like either of the examples you provided), it make perfect sense to use a table.

If on the other hand, the table is being used as a way to actually define the visual layout of a page, then it is better not to use tables but instead use DIVs and style with CSS.

I follow this and it works well : Table is for data; DIV is for visual division (or Data => Table; Visual => DIVision)

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Although using divs and css is currently in fashion, just use a table for rows and columns. That's what it was made for.

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