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From the docs ...

Zend_Form setElementDecorators ( $decorators, [ $elements = null], [bool $include = true])

array $decorators
array|null $elements: Specific elements to decorate or exclude from decoration
bool $include: Whether $elements is an inclusion or exclusion list

I wanted to re-use the same decorators for most of my elements ... but not the submit buttons ... I tried


$this->addElement('submit', 'btnSubmitProject', array(
  'label' => 'Add Project',
  'ignore' => true

    'btnSubmitProject', 'submit' // I think I should be using the 1st (btnSubmitProject) but I have 'submit' just to be sure
  true // and false

I tried true & false for the $include flag. Both does not seem to make a difference. All elements are styled the same, with label

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You don't need to second element in the $elements array. – Phil Dec 19 '10 at 12:07
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$sumbit ->removeDecorator('label');
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