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I'm new to quartz in java and I should use it in my web developing project and I want a scheduler which fires every Wednesday on 12 pm. .I found on the internet that I should use Crontrigger with this:

CronTrigger trigger=new CronTrigger();  
try {  
   trigger.setCronExpression("30 43 20 ? * WED");  
} catch (ParseException e) {  
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block  

now I want to set misfire instructions, which I think is my solution to my purpose, but I couldn't find good instructions.

I have a draw in my website scheduled with this trigger. I want to do something special if a misfire issue happens for example if server is down I want to do it again or something else.

In the internet I found listeners and setmisfireInstruction method but I don't know which one I should use and how.

Thanks for you help

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You need to call setMisfireInstruction() on your CronTrigger object. See javadoc.

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if server is down or an error occurs will this method run? –  Arash Kh. Dec 21 '10 at 6:24
Javadoc link is not correct anymore –  Gerrit Brouwer Oct 21 at 16:03

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