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I have a very specific problem: I want to write my own DMX-Software to control our DMX-fixtures. Does anyone know a interface to use? It would be great if there would be any Framework for using it, so that I only have to sent the channel and the value to the interface.

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Do you still want to know this? I've just developed something like this myself, but it there are a few steps to getting it to work. You tagged iPhone and mac, which do you mean? – gubby Feb 21 '11 at 18:01
Yes, I'd love to! I tagged both because I wanted to cover the one option, where the DMX-Interface is controlled directly by the iPhone, and the other option, that a Mac controls the interface and the Mac is controlled by my Software for iPhone or iPad. The perfect solution would be a iPhone to DMX-Interface connection... – Lars Petersen Feb 23 '11 at 19:38
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There's some really good information & code samples (including a working class that I wrote) here: Lighting USB OpenDMX FTD2XX Help

Ultimately, you end up setting byte values (between 0 and 255[FF] (brightest) in a byte array. It's fairly trivial to implement simple effects such as fades or chases.

You would need to use a USB controller to convert your program's instructions to the actual hardware. I suggest using a simple iphone application talking to a webservice which then interacts with the hardware.

Code samples above are in c# though will show you how to interact with a DMX controller

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