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I typically use divs to nest my elements.

However, Dustin Diaz mentioned using the fieldset in this article.

When do you use fieldset instead of divs, and how does it help?

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fieldset has semantic meaning, to hold form elements. A div does not have this meaning.

Also, by default, browsers can render it more suited as a form - i.e. when you use the legend child of fieldset, you can get a title for your fieldset rendered by the browser for you.

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When you want to group a set of fields (in forms).

It helps by being more explicit about what your codes doing.

I'm guessing you don't just use span for inline elements. Well just using div is analagous to doing that.

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fieldsets as the name suggest is used for collection of fields in a form. So if i have a set of fields taking user address i will collect them inside a fieldset and give fieldset a legend. Like wise if u have some categorization on ur form as personal info, education etc. You can collect the fields in fieldsets.

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