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Frequently i have to program in VB.Net and Visual C#, so it would be helpful if someone can provide with a list of Refrence for Classes of in and C#.

I mean like

My.Computer.Registry in VB Maps to Microsoft.Win32.Registry in C#.

Similarly i want a refrence of other classes.

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In your example, you can use the latter in both C# and VB.NET. The former is a VB.NET "crutch" (or "shortcut", to put it nicely) so that VB developers can find stuff via IntelliSense, and are contained within a special assembly used in VB (but that can also needlessly be referenced from C#). My suggestion: don't use "My.*", use the real classes that are available from any .NET language (incl. C#) - it will make moving between languages easier and you will be able to ask BCL questions more clearly on SO.

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