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I have a UserControl called CustomerFinder for searhing customers. And there is "ADD" button inside the repeater. I have created an eventhandler for Repeater_ItemCommand. Because i am going to use it on the other page.

On the other page, i use this User Control which is not in UpdatePanel. There is an update panel for the Selected Customers(when they click add,customer is selected)

When they click the ADD button which is in the UserControl i want update panel to refresh it self.

alt text

As you see above Intellisense can get the Event Name "OnrptCustomersCommand"

alt text

And this is the trigger...

I get an Error "couldnt find the event 'OnrptCustomersComman'"

How can i get it done ? Thanks in advance

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Remove the ucCustomerFinder asyncpostbacktrigger element from the triggers section and add the pnlSelectedCustomers.Update() command to the Repeater_ItemCommand event of the repeater

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You are right :) I couldnt understand why did i try ultra things for that :). But i did it work by assignin triggers on aspx page. Thank you very much. –  Barbaros Alp Jan 15 '09 at 20:28
I recognized it now while i was checking my project, it s not an asyncpostback if i did pnlSelectedCustomer.Update() –  Barbaros Alp Feb 10 '09 at 16:29
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Thanks Micheal Knishkern about his answer.

But i did it work by my way too :)

Just delete two chars "On" from the Event name.

OnrptCustomersEvent to rptCustomersEvent

Thanks again

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