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I am reading the book "RESTful Java"; now I am working with the examples from chapter 4. I would like to change the expressions to accept names with spaces. I've changed the expressions to "[a-zA-Z ]+" but it didn't work. Is there a way to make this work?

Many thanks

   @Path("{first : [a-zA-Z]+}-{last:[a-zA-Z]+}")
   public StreamingOutput getCustomerFirstLast(@PathParam("first") String first,
                                               @PathParam("last") String last)
    System.out.println(String.format("Parameters. First=%s; Last=%s", first, last));
      Customer found = null;
      for (Customer cust : customerDB.values())
         if (cust.getFirstName().equals(first) && cust.getLastName().equals(last))
            found = cust;
      if (found == null)
         throw new WebApplicationException(Response.Status.NOT_FOUND);
      final Customer customer = found;
      return new StreamingOutput()
         public void write(OutputStream outputStream) throws IOException, WebApplicationException
            outputCustomer(outputStream, customer);

Edit: I was not clear.

When I try the URL: /customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart I am getting the following error:


Problem accessing /customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart. Reason:

Could not find resource for relative :

/customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart of full path: http://localhost:9095/customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart

I tried simply to add to the regular expression one space:@Path("{first : [a-zA-Z ]+}-{last:[a-zA-Z ]+}").

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"didn't work". How cryptic. Try escaped spaces, %20. + is also possible, but it is grossly outdated. Also, are you sure you didn't mean [+ ]? –  Kobi Dec 19 '10 at 13:07
"Didn't work", was not really clear. I am sorry. When I try the URL localhost:9095/customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart I get:Problem accessing /customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart. Reason: Could not find resource for relative : /customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart of full path: localhost:9095/customers/Sylvie-Van%20der%20Vaart –  pintudo Dec 19 '10 at 13:19

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[a-zA-Z]+ is for the first name

([\s]?[a-zA-Z]+)* is for the optional more names

I think above regular expression will handle the cases you are asking.

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