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For example there are that do NOT exist. Is there any way using JavaScript (possibly with jQuery) to check is given link really exist?

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"jQuery or JS" does not make sense. Perhaps you mean "JS, possibly using the jQuery library"? – Quentin Dec 19 '10 at 13:11
David, I thought so. ) – daGrevis Dec 19 '10 at 13:17
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There has to be a server involved because of the Same Origin Policy — but it doesn't necessarily follow that it has to be your server. :-)

You can use a third-party service such as Yahoo to do the proxying for you as discussed here: "Using YQL as a proxy for cross-domain Ajax". That shows how to use jQuery to query YQL's JSON-P and JSON-P-X interfaces for another domain's content.

It's not complicated, from the article:

    } else {
      var errormsg = '<p>Error: could not load the page.</p>';
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There isn't, the response from another domain will always be null (the same origin policy applies here). You'd have to contact your own domain and have it check server-side if the site actually exists...but JavaScript alone can't do this.

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No, there isn't.

In order to find out if a URL exists, you have to make a request to it and see if you get a response. The same origin policy prevents JavaScript, running in a browser under normal security conditions, from reading responses from different hosts.

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I don't think you can, for security reasons (same domain policy).

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Use AnyOrigin or the FOSS clone I made of it, WhateverOrigin.

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