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What is the best way to import configurable products into Magento from CSV. I have seen a few different methods:

  • Direct MySQL statements
  • Using Magento Objects
  • Data Flow

Can anyone advise me on the best method for this?

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Check out Magmi. It's amazing.


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Yeah, The best option as I know is the Magento Mass Importer (MAGMI). Its not a module for Magento but operates seperatly.. Uses direct SQL to manipulated data, and have nice re-indexing, handsome features.

It's actually FREE Indeed! Take a look!

Here are some important links and documentation

Download Link

Wiki Page

Installation and Configuring Tips

Some Pros and Cons

An article admiring the project

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I don't know how much your time is worth, but I found this great module for $100 which allows you to import configurable products through advanced import. I have been using it for a week and seems to work really well.


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I prefer using Magento objects, as I can reuse that script later when the database layout changes. Also, it's much easier not having to deal with looking up column IDs beforehand.

Data Flow will not accomplish what you are looking for AFAIK, as it doesn't support linking the simple products to the configurable ones.

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This module will allow you to import configurable products and will automatically create simple products for your configurable attribute combinations. It's free too!

Find it here

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DataFlow - its faster, or PHP scrips of you have technical knowledge. As for third-party solutions, Store Manager for Magento handles it, but it is paid.

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The configurable product option gives you the ability to sell variations of the same product, for example different colors or sizes of t-shirts. Configurable products must be linked with simple product from an attribute. Basically, you'll create each simple product with a unique SKU and it's unique qualities, then link them together. As long as your products are created in the spreadsheet in this manner, and the spreadsheet contains the linking attribute, you should be able to import the from CSV direclty with MYSQL statements or a UI such as PhpMyAdmin.

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This doesn't in any way offer any assistance in solving the problem above! – Steve Temple Dec 2 '11 at 14:33

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