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  1. from proj-a folder: run mvn install proj-a
  2. from proj-b folder: (proj-b depends on proj-a) run mvn clean eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse
  3. refresh proj-b in eclipse.

jars that proj-a depends on are in the proj-b classpath, but proj-a-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar is missing. proj-a-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar is in the local repository.

  1. run mvn deploy for proj-a
  2. delete proj-a folder from local repository
  3. run mvn eclipse:eclipse from proj-b folder - all jars are visible.

what can cause this problem? all artifacts should be available right after install operation. mvn does not complains about nothing....


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For me handling maven projects in eclipse becomes easier using m2eclipse. After you have installed the plugin, right click on your project > Maven > Enable Dependency Management so that it becomes a maven eclipse project. Then, given you have run your mvn install and you can see your SNAPSHOT jar in your local repository, right click on your maven project > Maven > Update Snapshots or in general Maven > Update Dependencies.

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