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In the past, I have used thinking_sphinx with Rails 2.3 and I found no problems with it. Is it worth considering a new search option?

What are the differences between searchlogic and thinking_sphinx? Is there a better alternative for Rails 3? I am keeping my options open at the moment and I am looking for suggestions.

The search functionality will need to perform full text search, efficiently and would probably be better if results were indexed.

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Go for thinking sphinx. I have used searchlogic in 2.3.x apps but I couldn't use it for Rails 3 although it's probably working now. And remember that searchlogic isn't designed for full text searching.

The helpers for sorting are helpful. But in my opinion nothing beats full text search.

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You should check out Sunspot - https://github.com/outoftime/sunspot

It uses the Apache Solr search engine and works well in Rails 3.

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