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I am just starting out with ADO.net Entity Framework I have mapped two tables together and receive the following error:

Error   1   Error 11010: Association End 'OperatorAccess' is not mapped.    E:\Visual Studio\projects\Brandi II\Brandi II\Hospitals.edmx    390 11  Brandi II

Not sure what it is I am doing wrong

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The Entity Framework designer is terrible - I've had the same problem many times (and your problem too, Craig):

This happens when you have a many-to-one association which is improperly setup. They could very easily fix the designer to make this process simple; but instead, we have to put up with this crap.

To fix:

  • Click on the association, and go to the mapping details view.
  • Under association, click on Maps to <tablename>. Choose the table(s) which make up the many side of the relationship (ie. the table(s) which make up the *-side of the association in the designer)
  • Under Column, choose the table-columns which map to each entity-side Property. You get this error when one of those entries are blank.
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Not sure of the answer, but I've just posted a similar question, which may at least help clarify the issue you are experiencing. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/475150/defining-an-entity-framework-11-association

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There's not a lot of information in your question, but, generally speaking, this means that there is an incompletely defined association. It could be that you have tried to map one table with a foreign key to another table, but have not mapped that other table. You can also get this error when you try to do table per type inheritance without carefully following the steps for implementing that feature.

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I had the exact same problem and this is what I did to fix it.

Make sure you have an Entity Key set in your designer on the tables your making an association with. Also check that StoreGeneratedPattern is set to Identity for that Entity Key.

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I believe I can add some more clarity to the issue (learning as I go)

When I look at the Mapping details and look at the association, the column for operatoraccess table (from above) is blank and the drop down only includes field from the linked table

alt text

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I had to go back into the database itself and clarify the foreign key relationship

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