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I'm trying to learn Grails. I'm using SpringSource toole suite. I expected to find code-completion, syntax highlighting and more things like that in the IDE. Nothing like that! Any advice?

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Did you enable the Groovy and Grails support? It's not there by default but it's trivial to configure. See http://grails.org/STS+Integration/

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thank Burt, I missed that. Sorry :) –  Fabio B. Dec 21 '10 at 8:09

IntelliJ from JetBrains has all that and more. It's not free, but the price is worth it.

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If you're on a Mac, you can use TextMate and install Groovy/Grails bundle. You will have code snippets, that is some kind of completion.

If you're on Windows/Linux/Mac you can use Redcar, that was made for(and in) Ruby but has Groovy/Grails support. It also have code snippets.

I strongly recommend for learning that you don't use object inspection and dynamical code completion in a dynamic language in order to avoid IDE addiction and dependency.

I personally prefer unobtrusive code editor, that let we deal with textcode directly without clutter, allowing us to make mistakes early and understand better the language (and the framework). I use it even in production work.

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I second IntelliJ, but the free edition could suffice, it has groovy support, though Grails support is in the paid version only.

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It is possible to use Community Edition for Grails projects, but you'll miss out on a lot of great features. You'll get Groovy code completion though. –  rlovtang Dec 19 '10 at 17:40

I'm using IntelliJ Community Edition. As I see, the difference between free editors is not much. In face, I use IntelliJ Community just because of its simple interface. It also supports syntax highlight/code completion for groovy/java, & somehandy functions like search/go to...

In short, if you want full support, the IntelliJ Premium is great, but you must pay for it. For the free rest, you can even choose any editors you want.

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i use IntelliJ Ultimate and it's the best way to go but if you want a free solution then Netbean 6.5 an up supports groovy/grails code highlight / Code completion natively and is free.

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