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I have worked extensively on AVR microcontrollers. I haven't had a proper OS course at UNI..not from a CS branch, but I want a book that gives me generic OS concepts as well as RTOS concepts for embedded systems. Any suggestion?. Something that details a particular OS like TinyOS or FemtoOS would be nice, but I want something with API based examples/codes as well.

Any suggestions ?

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At least 3 (well, 4) books come to mind immediately:

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I agree on all three of the above mentioned books. To understand non-realtime operating systems I recommend Andrew Tanenbaums book on "Modern Operating Systems" (0136006639) and "Linux Device Drivers", which is available online for free at – SqueakySquirrel Dec 21 '10 at 9:21
Miro Samek's book is not for beginners. As the author, I just don't want anybody to get disappointed. – Miro Jan 14 '11 at 17:12

I've found David Simon's Embedded Software Primer to be very useful. It provides a great high-level intro to RTOS architectures such as round-robin, round-robin with interrupts, and full-blown RTOS architecture. Also, as mentioned previously, Tanenbaum's book is fantastic for a more in-depth treatment of OS concepts in general.


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How would you rate this book Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems by Qing Li and Carolyn Yao I think it covers both generic OS as well as embedded OS concepts, with VxWorks API , which AFAIK is used pretty widely. – maverick Dec 24 '10 at 5:40

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