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I'm trying to accomplish this sort of layout..

alt text

Notice how the text is always vertical centered. I want to achieve that using vertical-align with divs.

Note: Blocks don't have a specific height. Using properties like top:50% or positioning won't achieve exact centering.

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Can you post a demo of what you've got so far at JS Fiddle or JS Bin? – David Thomas Dec 19 '10 at 19:20
sure! added js fiddle link to post! For some reason it's not vertical aligned either and border-bottom for li doesn't work – Cyber Junkie Dec 19 '10 at 19:52
ok vertical center works now. I had the img in the .inner div – Cyber Junkie Dec 19 '10 at 20:05
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The problem is the image. The work around is to separate the image and the text content into two separate 'cells' which will correctly determine the alignment. Here is an example - I've had to set some width's for the containers but since they are acting as table cells they will adjust according to content (as I have tried to demonstate)

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.ul.entries li {
    border-bottom:1px solid #000;

You have an error here. ul should not be preceded by dot since its not a class .Rest looks fine.

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fixed. there's no dot in my original code and padding still has no effect :( – Cyber Junkie Dec 19 '10 at 19:06

Try the following, I edited the jsfiddle link you gave above and managed to get a similar layout to the picture you included above.

h1 {
    display: inline-block;
    color: #fff;
    margin-top: 20px;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

ul.entries {

ul.entries li {
    margin: 10px;
    border-bottom:1px solid #000;

.inner {
    overflow: hidden;
    padding: 10px;

ul.entries li img {
    display: inline;
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thanks but like I mentioned, I'm trying to create a table with a div structure using vertical-align:middle The solution you provided isn't relevant – Cyber Junkie Dec 19 '10 at 21:25

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