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I just started playing with Windows Phone 7 today, and with no background in Silverlight I have some questions I need sorted.

On the app I'm working on, I get a json set returned from a web service. I create my array with the objects which contain a title, a description, an image, a link etc etc. Now, for presenting this I need to accomplish two tasks: 1. I need to allow the page to scroll (preferrable only the data part and not the header) 2. I need to present this data in a good looking manner, and was thinking something like a repeater.

Anyone got any good starting tips for a n00b? :p


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You'll be wanting to use the ListBox control - this has the repeater functionality you're looking for. Here's a good tutorial explaining how to use it.

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Gergely is right, the Listbox is the general right choice. However, you should know that the listbox has some performance issues as for now which make scrolling a bit painfull on the actual device. If you have a few records, with different dimensions, you should consider a stackpanel in the itemspaneltemplate.


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