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 String[] t = a.slowa("a. R; er,  we p.");
   for (String w : t)
  public String[] slowa(String s) {
   return s.split(" |\\.|,|\\;");






Why spaces are new world?

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"Why space is new world?" Say what? Welcome to StackOverflow. The more effort you put into making your questions clear and specific, the more and better answers you'll receive. – T.J. Crowder Dec 19 '10 at 22:18
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You've told the String#split function to split on a space or a dot or a comma or a semicolon. So that's what it's done:

"a. R; er,  we p."
  ^^ ^^  ^^^  ^ ^
  || ||  |||  | |
  || ||  |||  | +--Split here
  || ||  |||  +----And here
  || ||  ||+-------And here
  || ||  |+--------And here
  || ||  +---------And here
  || |+------------And here
  || +-------------And here
  |+---------------And here
  +----------------And here

...because you've used an alternation with no quantifier. What you want is to say split on any of these:

return s.split("[ .,;]+");

That uses a character class ([...]) and a quanitifier (+) so that more than one in a row is treated as a single match. You could also do it with an alternation+quantifier (you have to wrap the alternation in a non-capturing group: "(?: |\\.|,|\\;)+"), but using a character class is cleaner.

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