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I am trying to implement encryption for my WCF service. I am aware that there are several options out there for me to do this. I am not interested in them. I would like to use a password to regenerate repeatable RSA keys. These keys will then be used to exchanged AES keys which will be used to encrypted the actual passed data.

I think I need a custom binding to do this. I would also be interested in trying to simply add my own binding element to the NetTCP binding. Has anyone tried to either customize the existing binding, or create a completely custom binding?

Update 1

I would really take any input about creating custom bindings. I can get the encryption part up and working from there.


I have a customer binding, and a custom binding element. Right now I am implementing the override for MessageEncoder.WriteMessage. I need to know where that message is going so I can use the right encryption key. I can't seem to access this destination address.

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Here are some links for you:

Custom Bindings from MSDN documentation

Kirk Evans Blog: WCF and Custom Bindings

Basically you'll do something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <binding name="NetHttpBinding">
          <reliableSession />
          <compositeDuplex />
          <oneWay />
          <binaryMessageEncoding />
          <httpTransport />
      <service name="MyService">
          name="HttpBinding" />

That first link should help you the most. Good luck!

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