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I wish to write a function which I can add to my .vimrc file that will call a terminal command, and then bind it to <leader>u.

I cant seem to get it to work tho. I believe that I can use the system() function, but there is very little documentation available and I cant seem to get it to work.

The terminal command in question is 'git push origin master'.

I know that there are plugins available for git but I am not looking for any of these, just a simple function to bind a terminal command to a key combination.

function gitPush()
 system("git push origin master")
:nmap <leader>u :call gitPush()

I know this is waaay out, but vim doesnt seem to want to make documentation very available.


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You do know about :help, right? :help system() shows documentation for the system() function. :help shell gives you documentation for the shell command, and right beneath it you'll see the documentation for the ! command (what you probably want). –  Laurence Gonsalves Dec 19 '10 at 23:29
On a related note, if your purpose for wanting shell commands is to interact with git, you'd be much better off using one of the git-related Vim plugins, like 'fugitive' or VCSCommand. Here's link to fugitive page: vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2975 –  Herbert Sitz Dec 19 '10 at 23:58

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function GitPush()
    !git push origin master

Is the way to run a command in a subshell.

EDIT: User defined functions must begin with a capital letter too ;)

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Why do you use call to call your own function and fail to use it for builtin? It is one of three errors, other was mentioned by @Richo: user-defined function must either start with a capital or with b:, w:, t: (note that neither of these are local functions), g:, s: (only inside scripts, and you will have to replace s: with <SID> in mappings), even \w: (for example, function _:foo() works) or with {filename_without_extension}# (if filename matches \w+.vim). If it is anonymous function:

let dict={}
function dict["foo"]()
function dict.bar()

it also does not require to start with a capital. So the correct solution is:

function g:gitPush()
  call system("git push origin master")
nnoremap <leader>u :call g:gitPush()<CR>

Third error is omitting <CR>. I changed nmap to nnoremap because it is good to use nore where possible. Having : at the start of the command does not hurt and is not an error, but I just do not write it: it is required in normal mode mappings to start command mode, but not inside scripts.

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