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I am toying around with building a rails app in the near future and using Heroku to host it, but the app will need to interact with EC2 instances through SSH (unless I can find a better way). I probably could build a pseudo API...but direct console access would be easier. I am going to need the following:

1) Run commands on the EC2 console

2) Read the results

3) dynamically start and stop ec2 instances (a little unrelated but I am curious if heroku can do this)

I know heroku hosts their infrastructure on EC2, so latency would be grean and it would probably be more straight forward to just host my own rails server on an EC2 instance, but I really like the automation and tools available within Heroku.

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The gem could be of use to you – Zabba Dec 20 '10 at 0:16

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EC2 specific:

Console Commands/Results:

Both these Gems should address my issue. Thanks Zabba for the ec2 gem. I am a little new to rails, and should have started looking there. I love how easy it is to install new functionality into the language.

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