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How can I set selected Item of Html.DropDownList to Request.QueryString["JobType"]

<td class="data"><%= Html.DropDownList("MaintJobTypes")%>

some thing to:

<td class="data"><%= Html.DropDownList("MaintJobTypes").selectedItem = Request.QueryString["JobType"]%>
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See this question, it will solve your problem. –  expertCode May 26 '11 at 16:13

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If you set ViewData["MaintJobTypes"] equal to the value of the item you want to select, Html.DropDownList will pick that up and set the selected value. You can also use a property on Model as long as the name of the drop down list matches the model property.

Alternatively you can use the SelectList helper which provides a list of items and the selected one.

More examples and details available here:


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