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Why rlwrap echos “redundantly” what I type from the keyboard ??

I am using the rlwrap utility under linux for command line editing while using sql*plus. Everything is fine except that the utility echoes every command I enter from the keyboard. For example suppose that I typed this statement in the prompt:

SQL> select last_name from employees

the same statement would be echoed again in the terminal making the output looks like:

SQL> select last_name from employees
select last_name from employees

then when I complete the select statement on the next line, the output would look like:

SQL> select last_name from employees
select last_name from employees
2 where department_id = 100;
where department_id = 100;

The problem is, with larger queries, this redundancy will clutter the terminal making the query hard to read, so any suggestions to suppress the unnecessary output would be really appreciated.

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Rather than rlwap, I'd use SQLPlus' SPOOL directive to save output to a file. Depending on the complexity, might want to script the query/queries to file first...

Didn't know this was a dupe question - copy/pasted to original.

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