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On another thread I saw a answer to a sql problem using Oracle's analytics. Is there a equivalent in PostgreSQL or generic SQL?

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Alas.. and it sounds like they won't be in Postgres 8.4, either. They are under development, though.

Some useful functions can be found in this contrib: (connect_by, crosstab)

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I'm not familiar with Oracle Analytics, but I've worked with Jasper Reports a little and I like it.

  • Jasper Reports is a library that you can code against to run reports.
  • Jasper Server lets you host your reports in a web app. It has security and scheduling.
  • iReport is a GUI designer for Jasper and it can upload reports directly to Jasper Server.
  • Jasper Analysis is for Analytics.

More here:

Most of the stuff is free, but there are commercial versions too.

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