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Suppose I have class like

class A{
    A(int a, boost::shared_ptr<int> ptr){
        // whatever!

My question is, what's the default value for that ptr? I'd like to be able to create an instance of that class using

A myA(5);

Sure I know I could create another constructor with just one parameter, but I'm looking for something like

A(int a, boost::shared_ptr<int> ptr = WAT?)

Is it possible? Currently I'm using the two-constructors way, but it would be great to do it this way.

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#include <boost/make_shared.hpp>

A(int a, boost::shared_ptr<int> ptr = boost::make_shared<int>())


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Thanks for your answer. I didn't tried to use make_shared that way, even though I was using it when calling that constructor from other places. However, it would be great to have that "ptr" in its default value rather than giving it a dummy value, because I'm not exactly using an integer, but a full-fledged class. – José Tomás Tocino Dec 20 '10 at 2:36
You can call it without the dummy value, I was just using an example. – OneOfOne Dec 20 '10 at 13:09

I finally found it here, I can use the shared pointer's default constructor like this:

A(int a, boost::shared_ptr<int> ptr = boost::shared_ptr<int>())
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