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I am using c# regex.replace and I want to replace this string:

test = "<p align=\"center\"><b><font size=\"4\">RWGRF-W02PS-PU-BU-FLD</font></b></p>";

with: <center><b><font size=\"4\">RWGRF-W02PS-PU-BU-FLD</font></b><center>";

Now I could quite easily do this with two calls to replace but the

is used for lots of things, so I need to do it in one go, is there anyway to do this replace all in one call to regex?

Ive tried using .+ to match anything in the middle of the string, but then it obviously replaces the entire middle of the string as well, I want it to ignore that part of the string and not touch it, I know there is a way I just can't figure it out. Also I appreciate answers but if someone can explain how it works that would be even better :)


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I would store the match with parenthesis, and then replace it.

 exp = new Regex(@"YourtagStartRegex(bodyRegex)YourtagClosingRegex");
 str = exp.Replace(str, "<center>$1</center>");
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And of course you could just use static strings for the opening and closing tags and (.+) as the matching body. –  Stefan H Dec 20 '10 at 2:41
thanks! worked great. –  rolls Dec 21 '10 at 2:15

Try this:

private static readonly Regex pRegex =
    new Regex("^<p align=\"center\">(.*)</p>$");

public static string ReplaceString(string input)
    return pRegex.Replace(input,
        match => "<center>" + match.Groups[1].Value + "</center>");

Obviously, change the name of the method and Regex variable to whatever names make more sense for your particular application.

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