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I do have thousands of website list and other info in MySQL database.

I want only website column named "web" to be exported to excel or text or csv.

I know how to export the whole data but dont know how to export particular column.

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SELECT `web` FROM `yourtablename` 

Or this to export unique records only:

SELECT DISTINCT `web` FROM `yourtablename`

Then click export link given on bottom (in phpmyadmin)

It is easiest way as per me

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You can execute this query directly using phpmysql :

SELECT web FROM your_table INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/web.sql'

After that, you can login to the database server OR use php to access the OUTFILE

details - mysql select

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You could do a query like:SELECT web FROM table; and then just export that.

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Enter SELECT web FROM table; and then click on the "Export" button that is at the bottom of the list. IMPORTANT, don't clic on the "Export" button at the top of the list, or you will export the whole data.

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