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I have a table like this:-

Item            Model
A               10022009
B               10032006
C               05081997

I need to rearrange/convert the Model column into this format in excel:-

Item            Model
A               20090210
B               20060310
C               19970805

The Model column is character.

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Try something like

=RIGHT(B2,4) & MID(B2,3,2)&LEFT(B2,2)

Have a look at

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Thanks a lot. It works. –  Bob Dec 20 '10 at 6:21

Make a new column with the formula:


This will convert the string into a date (assuming the format is initial dd/mm/yyyy) Next, format the result of this formula with the custom format yyyymmdd. This will now be a proper date, formatted as year, month, day.

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