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I have a string that prints out like this

print a

I am using eclipse and the console can print unicode characters, I have tested it like this.

print u'\u4f53\u91cd\u8a08'

It prints out correctly, how can I make the string in the variable a to be printed like above.

Thanks very much for advance.

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Decode using the unicode-escape codec.

>>> print '\\u4f53\\u91cd\\u8a08'.decode('unicode-escape')

Or if what you have is actually a JSON fragment, decode as JSON.

>>> print json.loads('"\\u4f53\\u91cd\\u8a08"')
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print unicode(a)

would do the trick?

If the string itself actually has escaped escapes in it (i.e. if you were to write it, it'd be something more like u'\\u4f53\\u91cd\\u8a08'), then use:

print a.decode('unicode-escape')
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