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I am making an API and want other users to be able access it. My implementation is to get the API key and API "password" from the query string and use them to identify if the user is a valid user of our site.

I am not familiar with security but is this a secure way to do it? Or is there more secure ways for doing this?

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a) You should use POST instead of GET whereas GET is the method you are currently describing ( when the data is in the address field. You get POST values by selecting POST method from your web application's forms IE:

<FORM action="" method="post">

b) That is somewhat more secure, but more security is perceived by using the https tunnel, you get that by installing a validated security key onto you'r web server, and using https instead of http.

Example for apache:

Hope I helped out :)

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well, we are not using POST since we want the API to be accessible from the URL. That's why we are forced to use get. – arvinsim Dec 20 '10 at 8:25
May I suggest then encrypting the keys and/or passwords with some kind of a encryption for example MD5 and then matching it against your list of encrypted passwords? Other than that, no other idea pops into my mind. – Bojan Jovanovic Dec 20 '10 at 9:14

It's not secure no, there are more secure ways yes, look into OAuth. You'll probably be able to find some helper libraries in your language of choice.

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