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I would like to get USB hard disk serial number ,vendor id ,product id without WMI,I found the


the serial number is 5VJ101RR but it show in the product id which is wrong, how can i get the correct USB disk vendor id,product id, serial number My develop environment is visual c++ 2008


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I'm not sure it is guaranteed that this information is available on all hard-drive devices and if it is, it isn't probably reliable enough. I don't know why you want this for, but it is often used as a first approach for unicity and licensing issues, and it really should not. –  ereOn Dec 20 '10 at 8:09

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A simple way to get VID and PID would be to load the devices INI file from %WINDOWS%\System32, I think that is where the INIs are usually copied. If you know the name of the INI file then it is trivial. If you are looking for a programmatic method, you can enumerate the USB bus using the Win32 Setup API.

If you have installed the Wnidows Driver Kit on your machine, take a look at the USBVIEW sample application. It demonstrates how you can enumerate the USB bus and get a list of all devices including their PID and VID.

To get the serial number, look at the GetVolumeInformation() system call.

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thanks for your reply ,sorry using GetVolumeInformation() API, This function returns the volume serial number that the operating system assigns when a hard disk is formatted.So when this USB hard drive is formatted ,the serial number is chanage –  eric Dec 21 '10 at 2:58

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