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I'm trying to write a little validation plugin and have all my classes that are being applied to elements upon pass, failure, active or passive state in a jQuery array like so:

classes : {
    active      : "active",
    passive     : "passive",
    error       : "error",
    passed      : "passed",
    placeholder : "placeholder"

I would now like to create a comma separated list of the values of these keys excluding [active] & [passive] from this list.

So that it would give me (based on the above array):


How can I filter out some key:value pairs before writing this string to my variable?

Thanks, Jannis

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How do you write the string values into a variable right now? You're question implies you already have some code. Show it. – Tomalak Dec 20 '10 at 8:15

Try using jquery MAP method:

or simply iterate through the array

var returnArray = '';
$.each(class, function(key, value){
   if(value == 'active' || value == 'passive'){
      returnArray += value;
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