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I'm using my Android (Archos 43) only as an extended display in an industrial application. I just need a single programm to display data received and send user inputs by bluetooth. This little programm should start directly after booting and should disable (fade out) the android-buttons (search, home, menu and back). That's my plan.

Here's my problem:

I know, there are some applications which can fade out these search/home/menu/back-buttons (like DeskClock or some videoplayers). But how does it work? Just using


only disables the titlebar, not the 4 android-buttons.



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It's not an android-problem, this is a special feature from my Archos 43 internet tablet.


<uses-permission android:name="archos.permission.FULLSCREEN.FULL" />
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<uses-permission android:name="archos.permission.FULLSCREEN.FULL" />
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