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As the question says, what are some good examples (or just examples really), of Jquery using JSONP to talk to a .net page or webservice?

I'm attempting to write a page which uses JQuery to call another website (Thus I need to use JSONP) which hosts the webservice/webpage (either is fine), and I can't find a good example of this.

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Here is a really good example of how to jsonp with asp.net mvc. blogorama.nerdworks.in/entry-EnablingJSONPcallsonASPNETMVC.aspx –  Jbecwar Sep 6 '12 at 20:18
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JSONP is just json wrapped inside a js method. jQuery provides the method name as a callback parameter on the querystring which the jsonp endpoint must then take and wrap the json in then send the response back. The server side language really is irrelevant.


Good screencast

& a few articles below

Rick Strahl has a blog post on it

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