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I am getting following error while trying to connect to a sftp server:-

ncftpput: cannot open http://mydomain.com: unknown host.

Code which I am using is as following:-

FTPU="username" # ftp login name

FTPP="password" # ftp password

FTPS="http://mydomain.com"# remote ftp server

FTPF="/home" # remote ftp server directory for $FTPU> & $FTPP


ncftpput -m -u $FTPU -p $FTPP $FTPS $FTPF $LOCALD

I am currently running this script on fedora 10...


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If you try to connect to it using other methods (e.g. from within nautilus or with sftp) does it work? –  devius Dec 20 '10 at 12:38

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ncftpput is an FTP client that does not support SSH (see their FAQs). Also, in your script you're providing an HTTP URL instead of just a server name. If mydomain.com actually runs an FTP server, try FTPS=mydomain.com instead.

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