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I try to set a new environment within a class that would take only an optional argument, or none.

This would be used like this :

\begin{myEnv}          -->  "Label:"  


\begin{myEnv}[myLabel] -->  "Label: myLabel"

I try to define this environment with basic macros. I would rather not to use xparse package.

I have found several examples of \newenvironment with an optional argument together with a mandatory one. But I do not need a mandatory argument!

Is there a way to do this with \newenvironment or \def macros ?

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You can find an entire community on the TeX StackExchange, where no TeX-related question is too small. –  Matthew Leingang Dec 23 '10 at 1:53

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No problem, just declare the environment with one argument, and make that optional:

  Label: #1%
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