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i am not there any chance to open my webpage in firefox. for example i am browsing mywebsite using IE. when ever i click link of the page then automatically it will open in firefox. this option is not for all pages only for specified page.


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If this were the case, ie6 would have gone out long ago. The best you can do here, would be to check which browser they are using (get_browser if you are using php) and refuse to show content to people using browsers other than firefox.

Instead you could redirect them to a page explaining why they need to be using firefox to access your websites services (I guess a link to the firefox download page would be nice too)

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Sorry, it's not possible from plain HTML to open a webpage in a different browser. You can, at most, open the page in a new window of the same browser.

However, what you ask is not completely impossible. You could write a browser plugin that handles links and runs the Firefox executable

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I would seriously hope this isn't possible.

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What you ask for is not possible , but you could display a warning to your users that the page works best in the desired browser.

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